Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Warden

my Boyfriend Is A Warden

A loving boyfriend is one thing, and most women love a guy who pays attention to them, dotes on them, etc. But, there’s a fine line between being extra loving, and being a warden.

Think your boyfriend might be a warden, and it’s starting to affect your relationship? Check out these tell-tale signs, and see if they fit the way your boyfriend treats you.

If you can relate to several of them, it might be time to call him out on his actions, so he can make a change, or you can both get to the bottom of why he’s treating you the way he is.

# He tells you you’re his everything

While this compliment may seem sweet and loving on the surface, it can mean a lot more to a guy who’s insecure, and really does feel as though you’re his everything. If he doesn’t have many friends, doesn’t spend time with family, or doesn’t have other hobbies, and his life really seems to revolve around you, it could be a big red flag. Eventually, he could become suffocating, because while you’re his whole life, doesn’t mean he needs to be yours.

# He stalks you on social media

This might seem like an obvious sign, but some couples share Facebook passwords, etc. If your boyfriend is constantly checking up on your social media sites, and questioning you about posts, friends, etc., it’s definitely crossing a line, and it can go from just being curious, to being possessive and obsessive very quickly.

# He gets upset when you can’t spend time with him.

Does your boyfriend get angry, or seem jealous, when you want to spend time with your family or friends, or even have a day to yourself? This shows a complete lack of trust, and he might even eventually admit that he’s worried about you cheating on him, or having fun without him. While these can seem like ridiculous accusations to you, they are likely very real for him, and can become harmful to your relationship very quickly.

# He looks at your phone

Similarly to social media, a warden-type boyfriend will always want to check your phone to see your calls, texts, and everything in between. This can stem from a deeply-rooted insecurity, that might make him feel like you’re talking to someone about him, or someone instead of him. This can really feel like a violation of privacy, and not something you should have to feel forced to do.

# He threatens to end the relationship

This may seem counterproductive to a guy who’s checking up on you all the time, but if he’s starting to feel too insecure about things, he might threaten to end your relationship so you put in more effort, and start to do more things ‘his way.’

Unfortunately, having a boyfriend who is a warden can do more damage than good, and it can be harmful to you, and your relationship. Don’t feel like you have to put up with these kind of actions that can escalate quickly, and cause you to feel negatively about yourself. If any of these signs fit your boyfriend, stop and think if this is the relationship you really want to be involved in.