Six Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Why Relationships Fail

While we all usually go into a serious relationship hoping it will last forever, many times we find ourselves back on the dating scene sooner than we ever wanted to be.

Relationships aren’t necessarily ‘doomed to fail,’ but sometimes the fact of the matter is, they fail even if we have the best of intentions. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean it’s always your fault, or even the fault of the person you’re dating! Unfortunately, there are several common reasons why relationships tend to fail.

Take a look at the following reasons, and consider them the next time you start a new relationship. Armed with this kind of knowledge, you may be able to help prevent some of these reasons from happening.

# 1. Trust Issues

Trust is a huge part in any relationship, so if there are issues on either side, it can be a problem from the start. If you don’t fully trust your partner, based on past relationships, childhood experiences, etc., it can put a damper on things, and cause an unfair advantage against your partner right away. That’s not fair to them, and while you both may be able to look past it for awhile, it could eventually cause your relationship to fail.

# 2. Future Expectations

While it’s probably not a great idea to talk about marriage, or the future, when you first start dating, it will eventually be important to make sure you both are on the same page about the future if you want to consider your relationship in the long-term. If one of you wants to get married, and the other doesn’t, it can be a hard thing to get past. Someone would have to give up something very personal and important to them, and that can lead to resentfulness. If your future plans don’t line up, chances are, they never will.

# 3. Compatibility

In everything to intimacy, senses of humor, common interests, and so much more, compatibility is a huge factor in relationships. A lack of compatibility causes more relationships to fail than many people realize. Unfortunately, it can be some of the simplest things that we don’t have in common that can end our relationships. These can be things that show up right away, or even worse – over time.

# 4. Communication

You’ve probably heard it before – communication is key in any relationship. But, it’s an old stereotype because it’s true! A lack of communication actually remains one of the top five reasons couples split up. Sometimes, we don’t even realize other ‘problems’ in our relationships can simply be a communication issue. Things like disrespect, resentfulness, and contempt can be a result of miscommunication. Sometimes, it can be difficult to communicate the correct way, even if we think we are. If you think communication may be an issue in your personal relationship, a good idea is to talk to a professional about it, or find a few resources with communication that you can use together as a couple.

# 5. Growing Apart

Unfortunately, sometimes relationships simply fail because people change, grow apart, or are bored. It’s natural and normal for people to change over time, but when both of you change in different ways, you’ll only grow apart. This can lead to differences of opinion on things, or simply make your relationship feel stale, or boring, as you or your partner long for something else – or someone else.

# 6. Money

You may have heard that money problems are a leading cause in relationships failing, and that’s absolutely right. Unfortunately, money is one of the biggest things couples argue about; whether it’s about not having enough money, who is making more money, or how to spend that money. Money relates heavily to trust, power, safety, and security, and when one of those factors is unstable, it can make the relationship equally unstable.