7 Superb Ways To WOW Your Wife

how to give pleasure to wife

Who doesn’t want to be the charming man for his wife – the reason for her every smile! Having complaints for not being as charming as before? Having stormy relationship as a side effect? Her frequent mood swings are troubling you?

Do you really want her to be the happiest woman! Seems very difficult? Oh come on! You are the one who stole her heart. It can’t be tougher than that! Save her from getting bored and it gets really easy task.

Try these very simple tricks to have winsome results!

#1. Wonder Her With Frequent SURPRISES :

You are able enough to understand surprises have long term effects and she comes out to be an outstanding charming lady with more and more of them. Chocolates can make her tickle anytime! Yes it is that easy! You can try any of these as well – long drives, night outs, and candle light dinners with two glasses of wine, a quick cooking, weekend trips, bed tea, a hot bathe in a cold afternoon (thinking naughty.. huh!) will surely make her happy. She will definitely remember those stunts you made and reciprocate. DON’T WAIT FOR HER COMPLAINS! Marvel her before she feels neglected. Take continuous efforts to surprise her!

#2. Gift A Good ORGASM:

A good orgasm will always make her happy. FOREPLAY is the key. The more you fill out her desires the more she is amazed! Make her scream so she feels the ecstasy of being with you at bed! This is the easiest thing to do! (C’mon..You can do it..) Get the right meaning of sexuality. It’s not always ejaculation what matters but sharing intimate moments is somewhat CELEBRATING LIFE TOGETHER!

Now speaking scientifically your woman needs orgasm, because this releases a good amount of OXYTOCIN, a sex hormone. Without having orgasm she might get FAT AND BE UNDER STRESS!

#3. Helping Is SEXY:

Is she always confused between the white and off white gowns before going to parties? You never say a word to help her in terms of choosing the right one? Now, Act like a GROWN UP MAN, NOT A KIDDO! Help her out in shopping styling and cooking! Just don’t forget, a MAN WHO HELPS IS ALWAYS SEXY!

#4. Entertain HER:

SHE IS YOUR GIRL_LET HER COUNT ON THAT! After all what’s the point having so much of wit, intelligence, knowledge, mental attachments if your woman is not feeling them! A DEEP HEARTY LAUGH WILL MAKE HER DAY! Giving compliment is a good idea unless it looks artificial. She is clever enough to realize if you’re faking. Don’t take that risk dude! Compliment her ladylike attributes with your manly attires.


Kissing in public, hugging every now and then, holding hands, taking selfies or couple photos _ are these STUPID for you to do? These are the real charms for her and she craves for these! Take care of her when she is sick. BE HER HERO for once and while by flower bouquets. Don’t forget to remind her that she is pure beautiful even without the make up! It makes her keen to look more and more beautiful in your eyes. Flatter her to meet up her female ego! Don’t loose a chance to propose her in front of her families and friends. Never get extracted from these tries, this practice actually makes you happy too. (Trust me, just give it a try. You can thank me later. LOL!)

#6. Kiss and Make it UP:

Never drag the fights and issues between you two. It’s just like that. She often wants a SORRY from you but take a note buddy, she is always ready to GIVE YOU MORE in return to that. Make her the queen of your castle and she will inject LOTS OF CHARM in your tiny world!

#7. Apple of Your EYE:

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL ONLY IF YOU SEE HER TO BE THAT! It depends on you how well you are handling her and your relationship! This is the real test of you manhood!

She should actually feel that, you love her more than anything on earth. Be gentle to her; never be HARSH just because you can. Treat your lady like you are on a blind Date and the mystery never stops! Just because you are married stop taking her for granted. MAKE SURE THAT SHE NEVER FEELS NEGLECTED.

No more knowledge issues, No more waiting. Start it now, right at the moment. All the best.