7 Facts You Should Know About Break Up Sex

break up sex

“What the hell !!” – Who are still unaware of the term “break up sex” may be having a super jaw-dropping moment right now and its fair. But your jaws touch the ground, let me explain a bit.

Break up sex is the last round of love -making between the parting lovers or in other words, it’s the lastly, fleshy and hottest way to say goodbye to your partner because you guys can’t be in the relationship anymore.

Now, these are new to this term maybe having a hard time digesting it. But, trust me mates wider things have happened.

Again Break up sex and Make up sex are not the same things. People use make up sex to well make up after an angry fight. But in Break up sex there is no making up afterwards. This is THE FINAL sexy moment as to be precise the final moment of togetherness that you are sharing for the very last time. So, in many ways this is different from regular rocking the bed. Let us enlighten up.


From you’re about to be separated your partner and you two are having a hot-headed streak and the air is absolutely heated up and you say “screw you” to each other and about to part your ways and the next moment you know, you’re screwing each other in the hottest way possible well that the sort of story that germinates a Break up sex and that is a part of the whole puzzle. The ending is plain awkward.  In regular, you have your O’s and you have your past sex cuddle and sex is never the case. You’re sharing the final intimate moment with this person. This is a lot more intense with a lot of deep emotions involved. So, you don’t know where to end or when to end. Maybe you want to end at a certain point but your partner doesn’t or maybe you’re thinking to yourself, Do we really have to end this? Because if I end this, this whole thing between me and her will END. DAMN IT!!! SO MANY THOUGHTS!!!

# 2.  Weird post-sex confusion

Annnnd even if you end rocking your bed or couch at some point, a past Break up sex confusion creeps in, which is even more awkward!. “Now what?”, “Is this it?”, “So are we getting back again?”, “Shit! I will miss his creepy tongue!”, “did I just do the right thing?” and more crappy thoughts like this which will make it even more creepy. You know what the creepiest part about this?? You won’t be probably able to ask this question to your partner who is about to get dressed. You’ll probably look at the ground or at your staff with a weirdo blank stare unlike something in a regular past-sex situation.


Now let’s get back to more fleshy parts. Shall we?? Okay. So, you’re having final bed-rocking moment with this man or woman. So, unlike this routine sex-moment, you don’t really have to try so hard make his satisfied. That means selfish self-satisfaction. Because, he is probably doing the same right now. Ooo, that means WAR! BOOYA!


You just had an angry break-up fight. Maybe you just went through some nasty name-calling and it’s just boiling inside your head. Under these circumstances, unlike in regular sex, you may want to vent all your anger on your partner through sex resulting in you going “HARD…HARDER….HARDEST” at your partner. Super-angry sex! Ooops PAINFUL. (Please don’t eat me alive!!)


Now let’s get a li’l practical here folks. After this encounter you’ll probably be having a dry season for sometimes. So, unlike those regular sex sessions, you’ll probably be more on the look-out for these BIIIG O’s and by this I absolutely talk about more than one big O. You’ll probably want squeeze everything out of this encounter.


Why even the need for getting conscious about these awkward sexual moments that you used have or that sexually awkward habit of yours? Nah! Don’t even bother! This is your last time with this man/woman. So, this is the least chance to be as weird as you can weird angry horny people!!!!


Hell yeah! No need for that too. After a regular sex with your soon to be ex, you had to get freaked about picking and cleaning up all the stuffs. But now, you can simply get up, throw your …….. on your partner’s face and walk away triumphantly. (LOL! Just kidding)

So, in a nutshell, Break up sex is that one sex that you’ll remember for the rest of your life either for its extra-lusty zeal or the turbulent emotions involved. Whether it’s good or bad or either just plain disastrous – these are the topics for future.

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