Top Ten Cheap Date Ideas That Always Work

Cheap Date Ideas

If you’re planning a date, the old stereotype is that it has to be somewhere fancy, and expensive – a nice restaurant, or a pricey show, etc.

Whether it’s a first date, or you’ve been going out with the same person for awhile, it can sometimes be hard to think of a unique date idea that’s not only affordable, but fun.

Fortunately, there are tons of cheap date ideas that always work! It’s the thought and creativity behind your date that makes it really work, and not necessarily the funds behind it.

Check out these cheap date ideas that actually work, and give them a try on your next night out.

#1. Root For The Home Team

Going to a professional sporting event can be a costly experience! So, why not find a local sports team in your area and go to a game? Most cities have minor league baseball teams, and aside from the size of the stadium, they offer most of the same things you’d get at a major league game, including peanuts and Cracker Jack, and a fraction of the cost! Cheer for your local team, and have a great time doing it!

#2. Feed The Ducks

Outdoor date ideas are usually always free or extremely cheap. Go to your local park with some old or leftover bread, and sit by the pond while you feed the ducks. It will leave a lot of peace and quiet for some meaningful conversation, and you’ll make some wonderful memories watching the ducks go after your bread in the water.

#3. Play A Board Game

Board games don’t have to be boring! A standard classic that can be really fun is Monopoly – sit down and play until someone wins! It’ll bring out a playful and competitive side for you both, and makes a great opportunity to talk, joke around, and share a more intimate and quiet experience with each other.

#4. Go Thrifting

Make a day out of going to thrift stores and antique stores and checking out all the great vintage finds! You don’t even have to buy anything – just looking and playing with all the nostalgic gear will be a lot of fun. Take pictures of yourselves interacting with some of your favorite items, and you can enjoy yourself without spending a dime.

#5. Take A Class

Want to learn something new and share the experience with your partner? Most communities have different classes put on by different organizations going all the time. From pottery, to painting, and everything in between. If you both share an interest and eagerness to learn something new, you can do just that while bonding more closely to your significant other.

#6. Go To The Beach

It doesn’t get more relaxing than a day at the beach, and most of them are totally free! Pack a cooler full of tasty snacks and drinks, and you could spend an entire day lounging in the sun, playing in the water, and enjoying each other’s company. Nothing is better than some free fun in the sun!

#7. Volunteer

Taking on a volunteer project together can be a great way to bring you closer, and make you feel good while doing it. Why not work together at the local humane society? Who knows, you may love it so much, you’ll end up adopting a pet the two of you can share! Not only will you be doing something good for your relationship, but for your community!

#8. Go Fly A Kite

Embrace your inner child! Go to your local dollar store and purchase a cheap (typically $4.00-$5.00) kite, and then head to the park to fly them on a windy day! You might be surprised at how much fun it can be to do something so simple, and it can be an incredibly romantic experience, just because of how unique it is.

#9. Rock Out Locally

Going to a concert in a huge venue can be expensive. Instead, find a local coffee house that has a musician playing, and check it out one night. Even if you both buy a coffee, chances are your tab won’t be more than $10, which is a small price to pay considering how much you’d have to shell out for a famous band or singer.

#10. Try A Recipe

This is a fun ‘at home’ date that will give you dinner in the end! Go buy all the ingredients you’ll need for an interesting dish neither of you have ever had, and then try making it together. Not only will you save money by not dining out, but you’ll have a lot of fun creating something delicious together.

Going on a great date doesn’t have to break the bank. Try one of these great ideas, or think of one of your own, and just concentrate on having a great time with the person you care about!