The Ancient Secrets to Make Any Woman Happy

how to Make Woman Happy

Since the dawn of time men have found women mysterious. The sayings never grow old. Women remain to be a mystery for guys.

It’s getting extra hard these days as the relationships are reaching stalemate quickly. It takes some extra hard work to keep a woman happy and fulfilled.

But what remains the same is that even today she craves the same nurture and care from her man as she did before. Believe it or not, they’re not much different from you when it comes to the matters of the heart. However, there are a few special demands that a woman has which you need to fulfill to keep her satisfied. In spite of the changing mindset in the modern era, the treasure trove of information contained in ancient texts remains relevant, as the essential core of men and women are still the same.

Below we’ll go back to the basics and discuss those ancient secrets of making any woman happy.

#1. Keep her reassured

Every once in while a man needs to tell his woman that he loves her.

It may be annoying for you as a man, but she needs you to do it. It is not a obvious thing for the ladies.

This doesn’t mean you have to say “I love you so much baby” 15 times a day. You can show your love and care through subtle gestures like buying her little gifts. They don’t always have to be expensive ones.

A woman who loves you will appreciate the very little things you do for her.

#2. Connect with her emotionally

You don’t have to hug and cry every time you have sex. That’s something reserved for girls. But having an emotional connection with your partner is key to making her happy.

Emotions mean a lot to a woman.
It’s all about how she feels!
So don’t get all grumpy when she’s not in the mood for sex. If she’s not in the mood, she’s not in the mood.
Spoon and talk to her instead. Ask her what’s wrong.

#3. Give her a sense of security

Security could mean many things. It could be financial support, it could be emotional.

In either case, you need to show her that she means everything to you and no matter what goes wrong, you’ll never leave her side. Sounds like a corny pop song? Well…lyrics don’t come out of thin air! It’s real.

But it should feel natural. Studies show that women are attracted to men with a stable income who can provide for them if necessary and make ends meet easily. So no matter how much she earns, you need to make sure you’re always the provider for the family.

#4. Listen to her

Okay here’s another ancient “secret” – women like to talk!

They just love to share.

Especially with the man of her life, she wants to share everything.

So you need to be a good listener and listen to all her stories in order to be the special person in her life. But listening doesn’t mean just keeping your mouth shut and staring at her as she goes on. A one-sided conversation will soon make her think you’re just pretending to listen. So ask a few questions once in a while and make some remarks. Let her be the story-teller but be an inquisitive and non-judgmental audience.

#5. Provide Great Sex

Oh yeah! This is something you’re more than willing to do, right?


Many guys fail to realize the fact that sex is not just about the male orgasm. It’s about hers as well. Getting a woman to have an orgasm is quite a hard thing to do and most men fail at this. Hence it is not a very popular discussion among guys. But if you can accomplish this it will cover up many of your physical shortcomings. Women love foreplay, make sure you make a lot of foreplay and make optimal use of your hands, fingers and tongue. If you rush to penetrate, chances are she’ll lose her mood for sex.

This is coming straight out of the writings of the sages of yore, they were quite explicit in their approach as well – ‘put her satisfaction before yours’, always. (That’s what she said!)

#6. Work on your looks

Oh sure, it’s so okay for you to fall for a hot girl but it’s so wrong for her to check out a hot guy!
Quit your complaining and hit the gym bozo!

There’s no gym for your face or your height, but you too can make an effort to look the best you can. So stop with the pizzas, cut down on the cheese and start shedding some pounds. You can’t become Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise in a day, but you do with whatever God gave you and impress her. Remember your effort counts – clean up regularly, get a good haircut, wear good shoes and stay sharp.

#7. Be loyal

Contrary to popular guy belief, women don’t like Casanovas. Unless she’s in Vegas. But what happens in Vegas stays there.

So if you’re gonna make a woman happy, be a monogamist. Despite of the ancient history of polygamy, it has been well stated that a woman needs to know that she means more to you than anyone else. So be loyal to her and do not do anything with other women that displeases her. Definitely stop your flirting and staring at other women.

#8. Take Anger Management Classes

If you have anger issues, resolve them asap. This ain’t the middle ages and she ain’t gonna take that shit! How do you like them apples!

Do not ever shout or scream like a mad man no matter how annoying things are. There are other ways to prove your manhood to her than scaring her. Keep peace at home and don’t try to be the master.

Studies show that women are happy with men who’re sensitive, logical and cool under pressure.

Now all that being said, be aware, do not try too hard to become someone you’re not. If she’s into you, she’s into you and not someone else. So find a woman that loves you for who you are and don’t change anything about yourself. Do nice things for her and give her the best of you. And you’ll live happily ever after.