The 7 Types of Women You Should Never Consider Dating

dating woman

Some women are only beautiful on the outside. Their insides are all sorts of messed up. These noxious women will turn your life into a living hell if you let them.

These women often find and destroy the lives of those desperate men who’ll do anything to have a girlfriend.

Men are often desperate to show off a hot girlfriend to friends and family and tend to overlook the negative sides of her personality. But there are certain traits in a woman that you should avoid. This article will help you to identify those traits so you can keep away and save yourself.

Here are the 7 types of women you should never consider dating:

#1.The Archaic Woman

This is the passive woman that men desired back in the medieval ages. This mentality is still perpetuated among women by religious circles. This woman believes that men are supposed to be the leaders and she’s supposed to follow. It may still work for some men but in most cases it’s a one way street and it makes the relationship very tiring.

Because there is no reciprocity between a forced leader and a bad follower. When it comes to you, the man being the leader and playing the lead role, she’ll gladly let you. But when it comes to her being a good follower, she’ll probably bring up some bs to not play any role at all!

These women are unaware of their own self, what they really feel. She has always been taught what and how of her thoughts. A healthy relationship is supposed to bring out the best in you. The more you give to her, the more she’ll give back. Remember, a real woman is no less a giver than a man.

#2. The Clingy Girlfriend

They’ll keep calling you up at work just to complain that you’re not spending time with them. They want your schedule to revolve around them. Initially, guys enjoy the clingy girlfriends, but after a while it becomes tiresome and it hampers your professional life and your relationship with friends. These women are often overly nosy and look into your messages and call logs for other women that you might have contacted. Her crippling insecurity also makes her annoyingly curious about your exes.

She needs to be told every one hour that you love them. If you miss her call twice or don’t call back in 5-10 minutes she’ll come to the conclusion that you’ve found someone else and her life is over.

The sign of a mentally healthy woman is that her several interests outside of romance.

#3.The Drama Queen

These women are sometimes categorized as emotionally unstable, I prefer to be more euphemistic and call them crazy! Her emotions are so out of control, you feel like you’re lost in the woods trying figure it out.

She takes the theatre wherever she goes – with her friends, with her family, with her colleagues and …you guessed it, you. She thinks the whole world has wronged her. These hysteric women are not afraid to make a scene in public and make a victimizer out of an innocent person by the means of pure exaggeration and distorting facts. She never takes responsibility of her own life or the relationship she’s in. Playing the blame-game is her only thing.

These women are often the wishy-washy namby-pamby kind who’re never certain on what they really want. They’ll take you for a hell-ride and every moment you’ll be tearing petals off a dried out rose and be like “she loves me…she loves me not…”

#4.The Gold Digger

These girls prefer men who are taller when they’re sitting on their wallet. Gold diggers. They’re like vampires, except they can’t shapeshift. Oh wait! They can.
You can often recognize these women. It’s easy.
* They only care about the money.
* They’re attention whores and openly seek attention from other men right in front of you.
* They’re serial daters and are always in a relationship. Or two. Three. More.
* They derive all value from their looks and use their body in exchange of material goods.

#5.The Apocalyptic Feminist

This is a red flag right away.

These women say typical hateful things which aren’t really true to feminism. She uses words like, “all men are rapists”, and harness the motto of “punch men”.
This should be a clear indication that she is either crazy or has been damaged irreparably.
In simple terms, she’s got issues and you don’t want to take on them.

Don’t think that she’ll be a changed woman if she gets a good man like you. To her men are the root of all evil in this universe. Especially you, if you are concerned about her safety and ask to drive her home one night, or offer her your jacket when she’s cold. Are you trying to be a master? Trying to be her daddy? Trying to be a ‘MAN’?

#6.The Control Freak

We all come across these women in our lives. Sometimes they are our mothers, sometimes our older sisters, sometimes our wives and sometimes our girlfriends. She must control everything around her.

This nitpicker will try to possess you and try to be your mother and your master at the same time. She’s a tedious faultfinder who never runs out of steam to criticize everything you are. Even if you break up with her, she’ll leave a lasting bad impression on your psyche and you’ll hate all women for the rest of your life.

#7.The Over-pampered Princess

This woman believes the world owes her everything. Whoever refuses to oblige to her unfair demands is clearly a bad person. She expects men to strive for her, be her puppy dog, always pay for her and entertain her. She’s the no giver who’s only learnt to suck up everything.

This woman will make unfair demands with no conscience and when that falls flat, she tries to make a bad guy out of a random person and she’s not afraid to play false victim.

Bye Felicia!

Let me conclude by saying; do not get too carried away with the faults of a person. Because shit happens alright! This is not about hating. We are human after all and we must all accept the fact that no one is perfect. You gotta live your life and she must live hers. So if you can’t co-exist, go your separate ways and refrain from the judgment.