8 Tips On Posting Photos To Bring Traffic To Your Facebook Profile.

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In this day and age of social media craze, who doesn’t want more popularity on Facebook, right? I mean if the neighbours dog’s photo can get over 200 likes, I’ll bet your profile picture deserves about a thousand!

And how come even though your status updates are funny, you only still have 60 followers? Life’s just not fair!

Well, all that is about to change. Read on to find out how to post strategically to not only direct traffic to your Facebook profile, but also get likes and followers! Your rise to Facebook-stardom starts right here!

#1. Time your posts

You may disagree, but the truth is, Facebook is for after-work relaxation. So make sure you post your photos during the time most office workers (or students, depending on whether you’re a student or an office-goer) are likely to be on Facebook. I have found that photos posted between 6 and 10pm attract the most traffic. So, remember to check the time before you post!

#2. Pruning

To grow healthy plants, you need to prune the bad branches. To grow your Facebook popularity, you need to prune your bad posts. This simply means deleting unpopular posts. If a post doesn’t draw like-share-comments within the first thirty minutes, delete it. Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is a heavily guarded secret so obviously, not everyone knows that all the posts that get a lot of likes really quickly, skyrocket to the very top of others’ feeds. So make use of this little-known fact to appear popular. You want all your Facebook posts well-liked, so if a photo isn’t drawing much traffic, kill it.

#3. Don’t crowd newsfeeds

You don’t want to crowd others’ feeds with your posts, as this will only make them want to unfollow you, and that’s the opposite of what we want. So pace your posts. This means you should post every 1 hour or so, making sure that your followers get to see other posts in their newsfeeds, besides yours!

#4. Beautify and sugarcoat

You probably already do this, but it is still worth mentioning, because it is very important. That sunset will look much better with an Instagram filter or two (or three, really, go crazy, knock yourself out). The burger you ate will definitely attract more likes if you blur the background and use a warm filter for it, and everyone knows that snapchat filters totally improve hair texture and make it look flowy and smooth, right? So if you’re after popularity beautify every photo and write sweet, catchy captions. The most important thing though, is to have fun with it!

#5. Get a celeb-selfie

Now this maybe a little tricky, but definitely worth it. Pose for a still with a celebrity and sit back and watch as the likes rack up one after the other. Visit clubs that celebrities are known to frequent, go to concerts and wait for the bands to come out. Not only will you get facebook-popular, you’ll also be able o meet your favourite celebrity. Win-win, right?

#6. Return the favour

One really easy way to be popular is by being nice. The internet is filled with mountain-trolls and other such not-so-nice creatures without a trace of humanity in them. Don’t be like that. Be nice to everyone. When people comment on your posts, reply to them, and reply nicely. Try to avoid sarcasm, but humour always goes a long way in making people popular! Be witty, and you’ll be surprised at how many people fight over being your best friend. When people like, comment and share your posts, do the same for them. This will not only motivate them to like and comment more often on your posts, but will also make them like you, and that is the ultimate goal, right?

#7. Stand out

In your effort to be popular, don’t become one of the crowd. You know what they say-“you’ve played Tetris, you know how it works: when you fit in, you disappear”. And we want you to become a star, right? So we have to make sure that you stand out. Don’t be afraid to be your own self and do your own thing. Be original, and people will naturally like you!

#8. Engage

Last, but definitely not the least important tip: Engage with your followers and friends to make them feel included. If you only post photos and talk about your own life, people will lose interest in you. Ask questions and converse with people and get to know them. That way, not only will you have gained friends, but also a lot of people who will “like” your posts. For example: when you post a photo of you on vacation, ask people where they last vacationed, or what their favourite vacation destination is.

Now that you know all these little secrets, go on and enjoy your Internet fame. But remember not to take life to seriously, and don’t forget to have tons of fun!