12 Mind Game Tips To Get A Girl Go Crazy For You

how to make girl crazy mind game

Love can be tricky at times! with all that hormones, attraction games and fear of spilling beans doing the round, being desired may seem quite a task, but now no more! With these easy mind game tips you can get any girl swooning over you, go ahead get her!

#1. Be at your best and become a friend first, flirtatious one, though!

Good looks, confidence, a proper body language and social skills. Give her a reason to notice you and start the game. Have goals, work on them and exhibit yourself as a high value man. Harder you seem to get, worthier you appear to be. Become a “romantic” friend first. Initiate a conversation and start with open ended questions. Don’t sound judgmental or too drenched in opinions. Remember, you’re there to get her, not to scare and shoo her away. It is always safe to begin with a compliment.

#2. Ask questions, let her speak and listen to what she says. Indulge in a conversation and avoid the
awkward silence at any cost.

Girls love to talk, well mostly. Strike a conversation on something she prefers and incite her interest. Listen to what she says and remember. If you can recall few of them at proper places, it will do wonders. Words are extremely powerful when it comes to the mind of a girl, they’re captivated very easily by the right ones. Be it even the smallest detail, girls love it when guys listen to them.

#3. Show her that you’re interested in her.

Inflame the action by giving her a hint that you’re interested in her. But don’t overdo it. Start off the sentence but let her finish it. Exhibit a casual or maybe a bit deeper interest but nothing more than that. The idea is to make her chase you. Don’t start chasing her. Keep things open ended.

#4. The correct distance:

Treat her nicely yet show that you’re a high value man. She’ll be afraid of losing you. But you should be pacific and seem less in trouble regarding losing her. Always maintain that correct distance, too close yet too far. Mystery amplifies attraction.

#5. Make her work for you:

The easiest way to goad a girl to infatuation is to ask for a favour. No matter how small. She’ll be triggered to think whether she likes you enough to do the favour. In her search for the answer, she will be drawn to you. Make her like you. Be at the best of your appearance, smartness and friendliness. Give her a reason to chase you and let her do it. Take a back seat and try to trace her weaknesses, don’t exploit it. As, if a girl can sense danger she’ll flee as fast as possible and never look back again. But use the knowledge to your advantage.

#6. Initiate competition:

Darwin was an intelligent man and he had it right for both the sexes. Survival of the fittest works both ways. Familiarize her with your other girl friends or acquaintances with romantic interests. Let her know that she will have to compete with them. Women love
competition. Your level of desirability will hike up the moment she’ll know that she’s not the only one.

#7. Don’t be too available.

Approach her regularly for a week and then stop it. Let her get used to your attention and then stop showering it. She’ll think and rethink your behaviour and eventually you’ll get a space in her mind. Be mysterious but not suspicious. Your words must reflect your action. At least to a certain point. Make her chase you.

#8. Fractionation:

This implies taking a girl on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Make her experience as many emotions you can (without wrecking it havoc on her, of course!) Preferably happy and intense ones. This will make her attached to you and she’ll start chasing you automatically. Though, there’s a fine line between making her chase you and exploiting her emotionally in doing so. Remember that, and don’t ever say or do anything that may seem repulsive to her. Understand the person and take the control of situations.

Let her chase you.

#9. Give her time if she plays hard to get:

That is the most popular weapon with women. She will make you wait and check whether you are worth it. Society has it harsh for women as her reputation can be hung at stake easily. Nudging incessantly can reverse the effort. Acting impatient may yield inversely.

#10. Dignity attracts. Avoid talking about sex or asking for it, if she withholds it:

When it comes to mind games, sexual manipulation had always been in vogue. Understand that society has it harder on her. If she denies to indulge sexually, accept it and don’t ask for it. If she can sense in anyway that you’re there for her body, she’ll never look back again. Unless both of you are on the same boat. Dignity is attractive.

#11. Don’t let her control you in any way:

Women can be tricky at times with their passivity. Forego the silent game. If she doesn’t want to speak and throws cold glances seamlessly, let her. Don’t keep apologizing without knowing your fault.

#12. Dominating over the situation:

Forget yielding at her beckandcall. It is unnecessary to follow her like a dog each time she says “we need to talk” hold your head high. If it’s not an emergency, it can wait. She’ll be trying to check you occasionally with all her mind games, just to know your intentions. Have the courage not to encourage any of it.