12 Mind Game Tips to Get a Guy Crazy for You

how to make guys crazy for you

Crushing on that hot guy and dying to approach him?
Hey, wait! “he will think I am desperate”
What about that cute guy who helped you with the term paper?
* Oh no, we are “just friends!” *
Dear girls, we all have been here!

Dying to reach out to our crushes and springing back with greater fear ! Tired and lonely from all those over working gray matter!

Perennially single and always slipping into glossy fantasies of a “knight in shining armor, riding on a unicorn leading to an happily ever-after!”

Okay, being single is good, but only if you chose it! Not if the fear of heartbreak is holding you back!

With all that complication seeping into the human psyche with every passing day ( and few of them being vividly etched in the male mind! ) DATING ISN’T AS PIOUS AS IT USED TO BE!

Even if we manage to reach out to one, most of us know the weird, perplexed and completely ridiculous behavior guys often adapt! Playing mind games which leave us wondering * now, what the hell is that?*

But you know, beneath such weirdos we may actually end up finding a really nice but messed up guy whose experience probably taught him to defend himself in this way!  *thoughtful glances*

Yes, love may suck both way! But that shouldn’t stop us from seeking partners we can share our lives with! The idea is to make a guy go gaga over you and enable you to check whether he is worth all the efforts!

So girls, here are some fabulous, easy and handy tricks to help you reveal that magnet in you, which keeps on attracting guys who go crazy over her! Tune in and see the magic in no time!


Before it reaches the mind it has to gatecrash the eyes! Make sure that gateway is wide open for you! Be at your best. Have a toned body, wear clothes that fit you well and SMELL LIKE A GARDEN! Okay, that was a hyperbole. Smell pleasant. Our appearance gives us confidence. The better you look, the better you feel. Dress in a gracious manner, one that is elite yet keeps the door of his imagination wide open (if you know what I mean)! Be proud of your femininity and don’t restrain yourself from celebrating it. Highlight your greater assets and conceal the not-so- good ones trickily.

#2. FLIRT!

This one never fails to yield the desired results! The uno numero trick to get a guy hooked to you! Bring out those pretty gazes, expressive eyes and witty replies! Nothing gets a guy enticed faster than a romantic, flirtatious conversation!


Yes. Do not make your life an open book and let men read it! Half revealing answers rend them an air of mystery that men get attracted to! Let him think over your puns and  metaphors and derive possible explanations from them. The mysterious you are, the more they will seek you. You will be etched in their minds even before they realize it!


Call it human nature or an innate instinct of man, they don’t like things that they get at their beck and call. Men love challenges, throw them one! Never ever reply to his messages instantly and let the phone ring a few times before you give in! When a guy first contacts you, ignore him. He needs to know that you don’t count hours sitting by the phone and that you have a life! Playing hard to get hikes up your value in their eyes and once he attains you, he will recount his hard-work and cherish you.


Never make him a priority before you’re certain of him, and it’s advisable not to make him a priority even after. If you have to choose between a date with him and another significant work in your life, say him no. Let him make adjustments for you. Do not put his life before yours. Your time is just as precious as his time.


Contrary to the prevalent notion that setting boundaries may scare men away, it actually does just the opposite! Putting up boundaries reflect that you have your own set of norms and personal rules. Which people must abide while interacting with you. Men respect women having boundaries. That sends them a signal that you are not desperate and definitely not available!

Now that you have figured out few ways to entice them, here goes few mind games that men play and how to cope with them!


If you do this, I’ll do that. This is a common weapon with men. If you just go on doing the favors he asks you to, chances are that, he will go on making deals and never deliver. He might even claim that you failed to keep up to his words, stay alert and steer clear of this game. Turn things your way. This time, if he asks you a favor, ask him to do something first! Go on refusing until he yields.


This is probably the worst one and is a great way to shatter your self-esteem. He will make you apologize for things he did wrong and keep you off the guard in the process. Win it by denying  the blame. Call him out on his wrongdoings and force him to apologize to you. This may end up in the classic guilt trip policy! But be strong and don’t ever feel guilty for things you are not responsible for.


You had a fabulous time dating him, once or twice. He too seemed to have a gala time but after few texts he suddenly drops off the planet and you keep on wondering what went wrong! Nothing. Trust me. It could be that he is seeing multiple girls or is just not that into you. But, that, isn’t your concern. Move on and date another guy!


Immensely attached at one moment and equally distant at the next, can promise you immortal love on the first date and detours to curt, one word, coarse replies the next day! Sounds familiar right? Don’t justify it by answering for him, *he may be unsure of his feelings* or *he may be scared* baby it’s not your forte! Let him speak out. Ask him gently, face to face what went wrong. If he still gives a cold shoulder, refrain. Go ahead and see what else is there.


Well, this, probably is the most frequent one. With evolution justifying men’s instinct of “spreading the seeds” this is something most women face. You dated him for months yet he shuts down whenever the commitment issue crops up. The worst you can do is to pressurize him. Solution? Give him time. Let him see the fabulous you! And, give him competition. Keep your options open and let him know that you’re  already counting his replacements!


Just when  he treats you like a princess and you feel that he  is a piece of wonder, a reincarnation of  Batman( well that’s my personal favorite ), having all the virtues you had been hitherto looking for and a god-send man to your mundane life, his friends enter. And you know what? He goes from Batman to Joker in no time! If he makes mean jokes about you and behaves distantly thereafter, HE IS NOT GOOD. He is downright insecure and needs to put others down in order to feel good. Give him time to channelize his sanity. If he doesn’t, fire him. As simple as that! World is a much better place with much better guys out there!

These were some tips that will help you make a guy go crazy over you, get going. All the best!