Marriage and Sex: 10 Ideas to Keep the Flame Burning

marriage and sex

Within a year or two of marriage, sex takes a backseat. Social commitments, family responsibilities, work, daily commute, etc. makes one push sex to the backseat.

The tomorrow never comes and you start living in a sexless marriage. Marriage and sex go hand-in-hand. In fact, sex is the most important thing to keep that spark alive in your otherwise dull, boring married life. How can I keep the spark alive in my marriage is a common question asked by many couples. Let us have a look at 10 ideas to keep the flame burning your marriage and sex life.

Sex a Forgotten Ritual after Marriage:

Psychologists have found the feeling of intense romance lasts for just about 18 months and in a few lucky couples for about 3 years. After that, sex tends is shifted to the backburner or maybe becomes more of an exercise rather than intimacy. Sex is an important part of any long-term relationship. It helps makes yourself, your partner feel cared for, loved, comforted, and keeps things fun in your marriage.

Sexless couples make the most common mistakes made by all. They believe sex and passion will continue throughout their life without taking any effort. Sex and passion is like a fire that needs fuel to continue to glow. If left without a continuous supply of fuel, it will die out very soon. So roll up your sleeves and read the following 10 ideas to keep the flame burning in your marriage and sex life.

How to Keep the Passions Burning in Marriage and Sex:

Jump-start your hearts and seize every opportunity to spend sweet times together. Follow these oh-so-easy kind of tips that will keep the flame alive in your marriage and sex.

#1. Share a Secret Sexy Code

Yes, sharing a secret sexy code will keep things exciting between you and your partner. It’s your secret and whenever one of you uses it, you should share a kiss or a passionate touch on your tender areas, etc. This sexy code could be used anywhere in the middle of Wal-Mart, at a party or even when you guys are sitting down for dinner at home.

#2. Become More Playful with Your Partner

There is no age bar that stops you from seducing your partner like a young lover. Why should bedroom be the only place where you can talk sexy or naughty with your spouse? Throw the guilt out the shoot and get ready to become more playful with your partner around the house. Call up from work and whisper some sexy things in your wife’s ears. Or maybe invite your husband for a bubble bath together middle of the week. These moments will definitely help keep the passions burning between you.

#3. Turn Seductive

You need to seduce your spouse just like you would have seduce him/her when you were not married. Shower your partner with lavish attention. Dress your best before you see your partner after a long day at work. Cook his/her favorite food and serve it hot with some passionate kissing on the dinner table. Send kids over to their grandmas. Wear your sexy nightie and invite your husband for a special time in your sex bed.

#4. Give Your Partner a Sexy Massage

Wear your best lingerie and draw the curtains in the room. Make the atmosphere as sexy as possible. Slowly undress your partner and make him lie down on the bed comfortably. Turn on some passionate music and give him the sexiest and the most seductive massages ever. This flattering massage will definitely end up with him making burning love to you, rather than having just sex.

#5. Pay Attention to Your Partner’s Need

You may get aroused with a touch here and a touch there. But your partner may need more than just touch to get aroused. You have to understand his/her needs and make things as romantic as possible to arouse the intimacy levels within your partner. Follow your partners need and bloom roses of sex and intimacy in your love garden.

#6. Plan Surprises Here and There

Married life is a busy life, especially when you have careers and kids to handle. You need to follow the calendar by the book. Give a break to schedule and surprise your partner out of the blue. Squeeze in a romantic dinner or maybe take your partner off for a weekend gateway without the kids. Kiss your partner when they least expect it and keep the flowers ready to give her one happy surprise.

#7. Make Foreplay a Treat

It’s important to have an interesting and fun foreplay in order to have satisfying sex later on. Buy some new sexy clothes for yourself; bring sex treats like love toys, chocolate sauce, romantic movies, and play with your partner a game of passion. Touch, kiss and make your partner go wild for more during your foreplay game.

#8. Treat Your Wife Like a Queen

Between the periods of baby-making and then baby-raising, intimacy is quietly forgotten. You need to keep treating your wife like a newly wedded bride every single day. Send her a quick I Love You message or maybe come home with a rose. Help her do household chores as well as take care of the kids at times. Cherish your relationship and this will always keep the spark alive in your marriage.

#9. If You Plan to Have Sex, Make Sure You Keep the Expectations Burning

You can have planned sex in your relationship. This does not mean it will take away the excitement or spontaneity from the relationship. You can start building up the excitement throughout the day for the night filled with intimacy. Send your partner flirty messages throughout the day. Tease and play with your partner during the day. Buildup their expectations for a burning night of passion and when the time does come try new positions and tricks to make sex a success.

#10. Break the Traditions

Who says sex can only be possible in your bedroom. You can try sex in different rooms of your house. Maybe set the passions on fire on your dining table. Won’t it be exciting to have sex in your garage or maybe in your kids’ bathroom when they are at school? Location is the key in building up the fun and excitement in marriage and sex. Why limit your kisses to the lips. Kiss her on the neck or kiss him on his shoulder. Graze your hand accidentally on his crotch while talking a walk in the park, or purposely press her boobs as she is busy cooking.

Allow your creative juices to flow and burn the lamps of passion in your marriage and sex. These 10 idea to keep the flame burning in your marriage and sex will definitely give you a head start in not just having sex, but making passionate love to your spouse.