7 Tips to Check If She is Using Push Up Bra to Fake It

push up bra to fake it

Have you been seeing slim, petite girls around the bar with tits that appear hard and ‘fixed’ in proper place? Are they naturally ‘perky’ or is it the magic of a padded bra? You can drink gallons of beer tossing the coin around and trying to get an answer, real or fake. Yet, you may come to an answer that will still keep you wondering if it probably is a right one or not.

We shall discuss 7 tips to check if she is using push up bra to fake it and help you break your fantasy bubble before it’s too late.

Naturally Full or Is it The Push Up Magic?

Although it’s not always gonna work, but these 7 tips will definitely help you judge if a girl is wearing a push up bra to fake it. You may find the boobs are much smaller than expected once the girl gets off her bra in front of you. So before you get extra passionate about just her boobs and forget she is more than just her boobs, let us have a look at the 7 tips to judge if the girl is wearing a push up bra to fake it.

#1. The Shape is Round, Really Round

If you observe carefully, the push up bra pushes the breasts into a really nice, round shape. You may think it is quite naturally, given to the face the daily soaps and Hollywood bombshells sport this look almost daily. Yet, it is just the trick of wearing a padded, pushup bra to get perfect round, perky look.

#2. The Indent is Right Below the Collar Bone

Girls today are into wearing tight fitting T-shirts that does justice to their figure. Those who wear a push up bra will have a slight indent just in place below their collarbones and somewhere above the cleavage line. This can be a sign she is a push up bra user. Yes, agreed it does look attractive, but you still stuck with the question, are they real or just push up bras in place?

#3. The Breasts Are Higher Than They Usually Be

At times, the breasts tend to be positioned much higher than they normally appear. If you are not sure, just look around. You may be able to find the difference comparing other girls with naturally fuller breasts who may not be wearing a push up bra and those with push up bras. Get the idea, don’t you, lover boy?

#4. The Clothes Get a Smoother Shape

When a girl wears a push up bra on the inside, her blouse, top or dress tends to get a certain texture. It appears more smooth, curved and gets a cup shape around the chest region. If you can spot this, then you probably are looking at a push up bra girl.

#5. The Padding is Quite Obvious in Thin or Tight Clothes

Girls wearing shirts that have a thin material or are just too tight, will properly give up the secret. The bra may appear bigger than the boob or the boobs may appear spilling out of the cup. That’s your cue the girl is using a push up bra to fake it.

#6. The Body Frame Balance is Off

At times, some girls go overboard in faking a false cleavage. Their boobs to body frame balance goes off the charts and definitely appears to anyone with a bit of common sense, things are not as they seem. The body frame may be just too thin to hold such huge boobs. Girl, you probably need to tone down a bit in order to appear a natural!

#7. If You Get Closer You Feel Sponge

If you two hit the right notes and get closer, you may get to touch her bosom. When you do (and with her permission, mister) you will realize it’s more sponge and fake than the soft and supple natural bosom. There is no need to panic. Just carry on as you were as it is the girl you have hit right notes with, not just her tits. They were just an accessory to get you both closer.

As you can see, it is not easy to check if she is using push up bra to fake it, if she uses it like a pro. And why does it actually matter to you. There is more to a girl than just the size of her boobs. Push up bras or no push up bras, a beautiful, attractive and your kindda girl will remain the same either way. So, beat the whole confusion regarding push up bras- real or fake and enjoy the moment with the girl who catches your eye.