The 10 Best Any Day Date Ideas

date ideas

It’s weekend, it’s time to catch up with your loved ones and spend time doing something nice.

Bored of the conventional date ideas, the same old plan a romantic candle lit dinner to watching a movie and have fun in the name of Netflix and chill?

Here are few unique ideas which you can plan out with your date and have fun!

#1. Random road trip

Go for a drive where you only take right hand turns, when you reach a dead end take a reverse and start off with lefts. Take pictures and see where you end up! Do not use any gps systems!

#2. Direct a movie

Pick up your favorite movie, turn it into mute and start re writing the whole movie. You and your date must come up with spontaneous dialogues!

#3. Act like kids

Go to a park, play hide and seek. Do the lamest thing you’ve always wanted to do. It could be going and making freaky funny faces in front of the security camera or randomly scare someone in a public bathroom by screaming that you’ve just sighted a cobra inside!

#4. Dessert hopping

Hang out, try desserts from different eateries around the city!

If you don’t have a sweet tooth probably you could try out some spiciest foods like Sichuan Hot-Pot, Phaal Curry and so on! And hop around the city.

Dress up as superheroes or maybe a police and try to save someone and stop a crime! Probably you can even collect funds for a cause and help poor and under privileged kids.

#5. Beach night

Spend a day at the beach, remember to pack your own food and sleep in one of the beach resorts or if possible in the beach itself! You’d love to watch the sun set and rise across.

#6. Act like it’s the first time

Plan a date night where you both act like you’re meeting each other for the first time!

Start off introducing each other, how you would recognize each other. Act all formal and try to strike a conversation and pretend it’s your first date!

#7. Spa therapy

Spend a day at the spa. There are couple spa treatments where they let couples sit and massage each other, of course a guide will be there who will help you out as to what you must do.

It could start off with you and your partner massaging each other’s hands to a relaxing back massage.

#8. Adventure

Hot air balloon ride, a walk in the wine yard, a star lit sky, karaoke night. Plan a unique adventure where you get to be with each other and enjoy doing something instead of the usual having dinner or planning for a drink.

#9. Marathon

You could plan for some marathon yeah the usual running ones or could plan a movie marathon! You could just snuggle up and watch game of thrones or harry potter all night long!

#10. Do things together

You could read a story book to her, and she could cook your favorite dish. You could probably paint a picture together in this way, say you start off sketching something and half way through you let her complete it. This way you can do some interactive things together and have a happy time!