Seven Signs He Is Not Worth Your Time

hopeless boyfriend

If you’ve been dating a guy for some time now, you may have asked yourself on occasion if he is really worth your time or not. You may have caught yourself wondering if you have a future with him. So how to tell if your boy is worth your time or not?

Look out for the following seven signs, if you notice them in your relationship, he may not be worth it after all!

#1: He does not do as he says

In order for him to be The One, he has to have integrity. Does he keep his promises? Does he say he will call you and then make excuses for not calling? Does he make plans with you and then flake at the last moment? This is a warning sign. A man who can’t keep even the simplest of promises will eventually break your heart.

Also, remember to see if he’s keeping his promises to other people. Does he break them too? If he does, you need to high-tail out of the relationship as fast as you can. You don’t need a man like that! Nobody does!

#2: He doesn’t care about what you like

Does your guy make fun of the music you listen to? Does he have a negative opinion about the movies and TV shows you love? Does he have something snarky to say about all your friends? Does he make you feel bad about hanging out with other people you care about?


If he can’t be civil and at least try to tolerate the things and people you love, he doesn’t love you for who you are honey. He loves an idea of you: a version of you who fits the exact image he has of you. Do you really want to stay with someone like that?

#3: He doesn’t want you to meet his friends

Okay, just take a moment and imagine this: you’ve been dating for a long time, and it is all serious, and you’re both ready to spend your entire life in each other’s arms. There’s just one catch. He doesn’t want to invite his friends to your wedding.

Ridiculous, right?

A guy who doesn’t want you to meet his friends even after you’ve been dating for a while doesn’t take the relationship very seriously. If he keeps asking you for “more time”, ask yourself this: if you were in his place, would you have introduced your friends to him? If the answer is yes, then you know that your guy just isn’t worth your time!

#4: He NEVER has cash

Now, before you start biting my head off for sounding like a “feminazi”, read what I have to say. If you’re dating a guy who always, ALWAYS, expects you to pay, you need to take a long, hard and critical look at your relationship.

If both of you are working, shouldn’t both of you be splitting the cost? You work hard for your money, sweetheart. Find a man who does the same! Remember, if the girl always expects the guy to pay, the girl is usually called a gold-digger or some other such derogatory term. No guy wants to date a girl like that, so why should a girl have to put up with it?

Equality, my friend, equality.

#5: He says he’s afraid of commitment

This one sign is clear as day!!! Do you really need me to elaborate? If he’s constantly harping about how he’s scared of commitment, he ain’t never committing to you, home-girl. Pack up your stuff, and move on.

#6: He is addicted to social media

If you know more about your man’s life from his social media account than you know from actual, face-to-face conversation with him, stay warned. This guy is probably nothing like what he seems like on Facebook and twitter. It is much easier to assume a fake personality on the internet than it is to do so in real life.

So, try to get to know him off the internet. If you still can’t make a headway, find someone better and let this one date his phone!

#7: He is immature

This is, quite possibly, the worst quality you can find in someone. This particular character trait can spell E-N-D for any relationship. If the guy you’re dating refuses to acknowledge his flaws, or if he doesn’t want you to depend on him, ask yourself if you can really spend your whole life with him. Does he love his pride more than the relationship? Does he have trouble communicating? If he shows these signs of immaturity, he is probably not worth your time.

I have done my job. So if you still not moving on, don’t blame me later.