Decoding a Guy’s Hug – 10 Types and What They Mean


Hugs are one of the common signs of affection and communication. There are different levels of relationship between a guy and a girl that defines the type of hug they share.

You may think it’s quite silly to decode a guy’s hug. But, when you are interested in a guy, every move he makes will make you suspicious of his interests in you. Let us explain some finer points related to decoding a guy’s hug and help you sort out your relationship with a prospective love interest.

10 Types of Hugs and What They Mean…

The best way to read between the lines is by judging the grip of a hug.

It helps you gauge the feelings of a guy. They help you guess if the guy is hugging you just out of obligation or the hug meant ‘your place or mine?’ Let us decode a guy’s hug and help you know if the hug means ‘more than just friends’.

#1. The Friendly Hug

Let’s start with the most basic forms of hugging. These hugs tend to be longer than your usual ‘Hi’ hug. The position of the arms is important. You may find your arms are below his shoulders and his arms are well around yours. The arms rest around your midback or upper arms. The hug may last a little longer, but it may rarely mean anything more than friendship.

#2. The Sneaky Hug

This is a hug where the guy comes behind you and hugs you with his arms around your chest. This definitely means he is in love and is trying to protect you. He is flexing his masculinity around you trying to prove his dominance. A sneaky hug also means he would like to build a closer connection, but is afraid you won’t be interested.

#3. The Back Rubber

This is a different type of a hug. It may mean something sexual is in his mind. You see rubbing the back may be a sign of innate display of desire. It is his need to get attention. He wants to nurture you and therefore softly rubs your back. In some cases, the man may be upset about something and caressing your back may be soothing to him. You need to shower him with attention and ask if everything is all right.

#4. The Whisker

Swept you off your feet with a hug?Well a guy who missed you from the bottom of his hear will whisk you off your feet when you just expected a simple hug. The guy will embrace you like there is no tomorrow and pick you up off the ground. Girl, if this is the kind of hug you get, he is seriously digging you!

#5. The Waist Hugger

Does he have your waist wrapped around in his arms and pulls you towards him through your lower back? Well, a pelvis-to-pelvis hug definitely means his desire to turn the relationship into something more sexual. He knows he likes you and is not afraid to show it to the world.

#6. The Romantic Hug

When the guy wants to attract you he will embrace you with his arms around your body. He will gently draw you towards his body and hold you there for a couple of seconds. One of his arms will hold the back of your neck and will position your head on his shoulder or chest. This romantic hug will be tighter than any other friendly hug.

#7. I Need You

The hug where he hugs you and holds you in a manner where he is saying ‘I will always be there for you’. This hug is quite difficult in decoding a guy’s feelings towards you. It may be a hug where he needs you just like a friend.Or it may mean he will be there for you more than just a friend.

#8. The Quick Hug

The guy hugs you and leaves before you even are able to acknowledge the hug. The hug may be accompanied with a quick peck on the cheek. It is a to-the-point hug. . The hug may mean he does not like hugging you. He hugged you just for the sake of it. Or maybe he is just late for work and does not want to waste time in sharing pleasantries.

#9. The Bear Hug

The bear hug is something between the Quick Hug and the Romantic Hug. He will have his arms circled around you and squeeze you tight. This bear hug is very common between best friends as well as lovers. Yes, I know you will be stuck in a dilemma if he wants to continue be your best friend or is interested in the post of a lover.

#10. The Perfect Hug

When your guy hugs you, his arms will be comfortably around you and your head fits in his embrace perfectly. You both become turn into two body’s one soul with every hug. This hug makes you 100% sure; you both are made for each other. There is no doubt in either of your minds; this relationship is here to stay.

As you see, decoding a guy’s hug can at times be a bit dicey. Don’t be skeptical and try to decode his feelings with hugs. You may be lucky to be swept off your feet or find the perfect hug to hide yourself. Hope you were able to break the code with our interpretation of the hug code.