Living In: Follow These 7 Tips to Juice It Up

how to spice up your life

I have prepared yummy pasta for dinner, and I take up my smartphone and send a text to my boyfriend asking him to come down for dinner!

No response!

I go near the inner spiral staircase and I yell at him – “John, would you please come for dinner!”

Adulthood has hit us, mundane work, busy schedule, we don’t have time for each other. I don’t remember the last time my boyfriend said he loves me. We stay in the same apartment, hush yes we’re living in! And I have to freaking yell at him to come and have dinner!

Our lives have become a mess, we would love to spice it up! I found out some interesting ways to spice up my live in relationship. Here’s how:

#1. Step into each other lives:

He’s crazy about football and I’m crazy about art. Here’s what we did. I sat with him, learnt to watch the football match and I went all crazy about it! We had so many things to discuss and I could watch a glow on his face! And on the other day, he took a sheet of paper and a pencil.

I lay down over there and said – “Draw me like one of your French women!”

Hilarious! But yeah, the classic titanic scene had set in and he sketched something so random, but heck ya I appreciate the effort he put in to make me happy!

#2. Plan a random road trip:

No matter how busy one can get, a weekend getaway from the usual busy life will make an impact on your romantic relationship.

Just grab a bag, fill it up with essentials, and go out on a long road trip!

Here’s what that happened with me!

Where are we going john?

I don’t know!


Yes! Let’s just go away somewhere and be together. Let no one find us.

And trust me that was the most beautiful road trip of my life ever! We ended up in a coastal area, with a beautiful chilled weather and we rested in each other’s arms while we enjoyed drinking cold beer!

#3. Do things together:

I hate cooking and most of the times we would end up ordering food online. The doorbell would ring, we would grab our pizzas, switch on the TV, watch a movie while we gobbled down our food and forced coke into it hoping it would digest it!

Where is the love in this?  We would rarely even talk to each other.

That’s when I decided probably if we start doing things together, it would make a difference and spice up our relationship.

We started cooking together, he would do the groceries, cut the vegetables, I would try cooking something, sometimes it would be a disaster but there hasn’t been one day where he hasn’t appreciated me!

We also started arranging things at home together – clean up, solve a puzzle together. You understand? This created a very positive impact on our relationship because we spent more time together and we were being a team.

#4. Communication:

Leave random notes of love to each other, maybe on the fridge door or in your bedroom!

John had left these for me!

You look beautiful when you’re asleep.

You’re a lovely woman!

It’s been 10 years since we’re together! Happy anniversary! Am gonna cook dinner tonight! A surprise awaits for ya!

These love notes just make you melt and you feel awesome to be with your partner!

#5. Make love:

We get so busy with life that we forget we’re human beings, in fact I get so caught up with work that I rarely get time to make love with my boyfriend.

He planned a surprise for me one night and I can never forget that.

Just snuggle, cuddle each other and enjoy the warmth!

Light some scented candles, fill it up with roses, plan a surprise for your partner, pour some wine into the glass, dance for some romantic song and just make love to each other.

Talk about all the good times you’ve had together. Let each other know how secure and comfortable you feel to have them in your life and kiss them like you mean it.

#6. Fantasies:

Go wild, tell your partner about your fantasies!

John had a wild fantasy of tying me using ropes, yeah the fifty shades of gray kinda! And one night he broke it off to me and says I would love to spank ya butt and tie you up and make love to you!

I was dumbfounded! That’s when I realized woah! I didn’t know john so well even though we’ve been living together for a long time!

So just open up, scream out your fantasies and let them know what you’d love to do! Trust me it’ll be crazy and fun! You never know, probably your partner would love to watch you in the shower doing some sexy belly dance for ya!

#7. Get comfortable:

Be comfortable with each other. Yes, I often change my clothes in front of my boyfriend! I don’t mind it. Sometimes we take a shower together to save time. Of course we don’t mind if one of us farted loud!

Just get comfortable, I love to wear my boyfriend’s tee, though it’s long and fits me like a nighty. Live in relationship means to be together as a couple under one roof, if you both are going to be uncomfortable then it’ll affect your relationship! So don’t mind running in front of each other in your inners or if one of you burped loudly while you were having dinner!