The 3 Best Things About Should And Shouldn’t: On A First Date

what to do on a first date

Shall I wear this red dress or the black one? Should I ask him about his past? Where will I meet him for dinner? How do I keep the conversation going without sounding like an interview?

Confusion! Dilemma and what not. The key is creating a balance between talking and listening, creating shared experiences that will leave a long lasting beautiful romantic aura between you guys.

I know there could be lot of pressure, too much of tension but you’ll have to try hard to act cool, play safe and let that chemistry brew between you both. Remember to take things lightly and just enjoy the experience.

3 things to take care of while planning your first date.

#1. The right spot

Communicate with each other, find out your mutual interests and pick the perfect spot where you’d love to sit opposite each other and have some romantic time together.

Of course don’t burn a hole in your pocket, choose your spot wisely. You could go ahead meet up at the museum, the planetarium, probably the local zoo and find all the common topics to talk about , laugh about and create a memorable day and open up further to let the hearts connect on the next level.

#2. Be expressive

Express what you feel across. Be smart, impress them with your wit. Be comfortable being yourself.

Convey your thoughts, your feelings be transparent. Try to step into each other’s shoes and understand each other, be emotional, try to connect with their heart as well as on an intellectual level.

Be passionate, express what you love to do.

#3. Seize the moment. Carpe Diem.

I know it’s tempting to talk about the future and dream about our fantasies, the number of kids to have and also talk about their names. Don’t let this drag away and distract you from the present. These kinda talks must be avoided on your first date.

Coming to what you mustn’t do on a date.

#1. Bringing the past into the picture

Your past is irrelevant! It definitely isn’t the topic to be spoken about on your first date, it’ll leave your partner a bit threatened. They may fear comparisons, competitions and what not! This is a total turn off.

Also don’t keep cribbing about your boss, your problems, yourself all the time. Try to strike a perfect balance between being the speaker and the listener.

#2. The number

Be it their age or the number of relationships they have been with. Come on, do you think someone could be like Melisandre from game of thrones?

That awkward question of how many people you’ve slept with: don’t ask them I mean seriously, on the first date about their sexual history.

#3. Avoid topics like religion, politics and money

Don’t appear like a gold digger by checking what your partner earns or about their property. Be open to ask them about what career choices they’ve made and try and appreciate that. Don’t try to bring in some negative feedback or turn the evening into a boring one by talking about religion and politics. There are high chances that their taste will differ from yours unless you’re a pair made in heaven in which case you can get lucky!

Remember to be comfortable in your own skin, dress neatly, be humble and polite. Let them know you’d love to meet them again, and thank them for the great evening.