8 Ways To Bear With Post-Break-Up Depression

Post Break Up Depression

Post-break up depression is pretty messed up thing for any and every individual on this planet. The emptiness created by that person leaving your life seems to eat you up entirely and most people don’t know how to deal with this.

So here are a few tips for the recently broken-hearted lads and ladies.


Don’t set any big goal for yourself immediately after the break-up because it will put more stress into you. Instead set some tiny goals towards the path of the big goal to make it seem easier and more fun. It will help to build up your lost confidence and help feeling better about yourself and the world around you.


They say share with your friends. But that is not such a good idea after all. I’m not taking about withdrawing yourself from everything social. I’m just talking about going to that one or two friends who understand you the most, think of those friends with whom you feel most safe. After all pouring your heart out to just every friend-that’s not such a good idea because some friends can be real bitchy and they can pass some hurtful comments, be judgemental or even turn the whole matter into a recurring house joke in the long run which may help shatter your self-esteem further.


It’s very important to create a spacious gap between you and the memories of your ex and in order to do that you need to delete all his/her contact details and dispose of other stuffs which were directly related to your ex(maybe the gifts given by him and her).okay, you don’t have to be so dramatic as to throw them away or burn those things ALIVE(dyamn!!!!)but you can at least give them to a trusted buddy of yours to keep those with them momentarily(if not FOREVAAAAAAAA)so that the sight of those memorabilias doesn’t inflict any fresh pains on you. And dudes and duddates (yeah LOL yeah)stop checking their facebook, instagram and as David Firth puts it “Twita” will you? If he /she can move on without you so can you. After all YOU ARE THE POWWWWA4


Well crying may seem sissy and alien to your ‘tough nut psyche’ but as you all know forcefully suppressing your tears every time your tears just wanna tear themselves out of your sockets leads to buried emotional stress. In other words, tears are a way of our brain’s mechanism to reduce additional stress on us. No wonder, you felt a lot more relieved after your last session of crying in the corner of your dark room alone away from the cruel earth. Yeah so go get a bit relieved mate.


A post-break-up relationship may initially console your broken soul and it also may feel nice to get all that attention immediately after your break-up but may prove lethal later. The reasons are several.

Reason A – This new relation may bring immediate disaster in your life yet again(oh boiiii)

Reason B- You may feel guilt stricken for engaging into a relationship immediately after getting separated with your ex whom you used to love so much and were cent percent loyal to.

And now comes the most philosophical part….(DRUMROLLS)….

Reason C- No human beings can be alternated or compensated by another human being(and don’t even think of going for a dopple-ganger)but only thoughts and time can(Time heals REMEMBER????)


If every move of this new him or her reminds you of your ex then nahhhh, not such a good idea .I mean come on people!!!!

So what to do????the answer is a lot. for example….


….do things which you always waanted to do- creative, non-creative, funny, dumb or maybe (this is my fav) extreme. Simple man!!Think of the possibilities ahead now that you’re not engaged with one single thought all day long anymore (YES most of the times an average mainstream romantic relationship leads to obsession with your partner to that extent that you forget to be ‘you’).Go chase your dreams like mad. Once you realize the power of being ALONE, you don’t have to be lonely anymore.


This one is of so much importance that it should have a separate point of its own. With that said, the best time can be achieved via a self-vacation where you don’t have to share your space with anyone. Go to a mountain, reach out to a sea area or any place that you prefer and spend some ‘you time’ there. This often helps to recover and thus once again understand your space in this universe after a disaster has hit you. Feel special and surround yourself with the aura of that place and ask yourself whether all the grief that you are feeling for that person who weren’t really meant for you worthy? You know what the answer will be.

At the wend of everything I would like you to give it a bit of scientific thought. Although I know how most(if not all) of you hated math but trust me this is SOOOO REAL!!!!

Pain, grief, frustration-these are all but hormonal brain games. Annnnnd how can you defeat that? SIMPLE!!!! Fight hormones with hormones. With that said ooze out some dopamine guys. The world is not over!CHEERS!!!!