5 Ways To Win Her Heart

Ways to Win Her Heart

Have you found your dream girl? Are you ready to take that first step and finally ask her out – or maybe you’ve been dating for a short time, and are ready to really tell her how you feel?

There are so many scenarios that come into play when it comes to winning a girl’s heart, and it can either be done the right way, or in a way that might actually freak her out and send her packing. It’s far too easy for guys to come off as too aggressive, but unfortunately, it’s also possible to come off as too subtle, in which case, you could end up in the dreaded ‘friend zone.’

Instead of worrying about which side you might fall on, try one of these five ways to win her heart, and enjoy your new, beautiful relationship!

# 1. Be A Gentleman

Chivalry is not dead, and while there’s a fine line between being dominant and being gentlemanly, when you get it right, it can mean a world of difference. Open doors, pull out chairs, pay for things, etc. While these actions might seem old fashioned and outdated to some, they have stood the test of time for a reason. Women like being taken care of, but not controlled. Again, there’s that fine line, but once you get the hang of thinking about her first, it should really come naturally.

# 2. Think Outside The Box

If you’re planning an outing or a date together – especially a first date, don’t be afraid to be creative! Instead of the standard ‘dinner and a movie,’ take her hiking, or sign up to take an art class or pottery class together. If you can manage to plan out something unexpected that can bring you closer and let her know that you’re a fun, charming, and well-rounded person, she’ll be that much more intrigued by what you have to offer, and will be more willing to test the waters in going out with you again.

# 3. Treat Her Kindly, All The Time

If you’re in front of your friends and family, don’t become a totally different person. If you give your girl compliments at home, and are always gushing over her, you can’t be afraid to do the same thing in front of other people. Even holding her hand in public, or just making it known how proud you are that she’s standing next to you will make her heart swell, and it will make you feel an additional sense of pride.

# 4. Mean What You Say

If you are going to give compliments and say nice things about her, make sure you mean every word, and have intentions behind everything you say and do. Sure, compliments are nice, but anyone can call a girl pretty. Go the extra mile, and tell her exactly what about her you find so attractive – make it specific to her, and use your words meaningfully, instead of like some kind of pick up artist.

# 5. Be Yourself

Ultimately, a relationship is never going to work if you start out pretending to be someone you’re not. While you can realize that you might need to ‘up your game,’ and try harder, you shouldn’t change who you are just to win someone’s heart, or it’ll be your own heart that gets broken in the end.