5 Tips To Kiss A Teen Girl

Tips To Kiss A Girl

So, you’re ready to lean in for that first kiss, right? When you’re a teenager, it can be nerve wracking to even think about kissing a girl for the first time, or the ‘right’ way.

Being a teenager is the time when we explore our sexuality, and decide what we’re comfortable with, and what we’re not comfortable with. This is especially true for girls, who will decide from a very early age how they want to be treated, and what they expect from guys when it comes to being pursued, dated, and kissed.

So, if you’re ready to make the next move, check out these five tips for kissing a teen girl.

# 1. Take Things Slowly

Don’t be afraid to go on a few dates, or even start off as friends before you consider planting a kiss on her. Chances are, you’re both nervous about the possibility of a kiss, and even if you want to be the one to make a move, it’s important to take enough time to make sure you’re both comfortable with it. If not, it could end in disaster, and ruin a friendship, or a future relationship between the two of you.

# 2. Ask Her

This may seem cliche, but actually asking a teenage girl if you can kiss her will come across as an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gesture. It will also give you absolute assurance when it comes to knowing if she’s on the same page as you. If you’re both ready for the big kiss, don’t be afraid to ask – and you shall receive!

# 3. Work Up To It

Don’t just go in for a kiss right away without having tried other small tokens of affections first. Holding hands, hugging, or putting an arm around her in a movie, etc., can be great precursors to a kiss. If she’s comfortable letting you do all of those gestures, she might be more accepting of taking things to the next level with a simple kiss.

# 4. Don’t Force It

Even if you’re both ready, and you make the move to give her a kiss, don’t feel like you have to act out a passionate makeout session from a movie scene. A simple, slow, and soft kiss is always best to start out with. Over time, you’ll not only get more comfortable with each other, but more comfortable with kissing in general, which brings us to the last tip…

# 5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Sounds fun, right? Once you’ve gotten that first (hopefully not too awkward!) kiss out of the way, you can practice as much as you’re both willing to. The more you kiss, the better you’ll become, and you’ll find a natural rhythm that works best for you.

Kissing a teen girl doesn’t have to be the awkward, sweaty-palmed experience some people can make it out to be. Take your time, do things the right way, and chances are before too long, you’ll get the reputation in your highschool of being the best kisser on campus.