5 Meaningful Ways To Compliment Your Boyfriend

how to Compliment my Boyfriend

It’s no big secret that most people like a good compliment. From the simple, ‘You look nice today,’ to something more personal, compliments make us feel good about ourselves.

While some people seem to accept them better than others, did you know there are actually better compliments than others?

Don’t take it the wrong way – almost any compliment is a good compliment, and if you like something about someone, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell them…especially if that person is your boyfriend!

Think about how often you compliment your boyfriend, and some of the things you might say. Maybe they include pet names, or they have to do with his appearance, etc. But, there are many different meaningful ways you can compliment your boyfriend that will likely leave him speechless, but feeling better than ever about himself, you, and your relationship. Check out this list of five meaningful ways to compliment your boyfriend, and try them out for yourself!

# 1. Make Him Feel Like A Superhero

The idea here isn’t to give your boyfriend a big head, or even inflate his ego. It’s to let him know you believe in him, and whatever he’s doing. From simply saying, “I believe in you,” to telling him you love his drive, work ethic, and passion, being able to tell your boyfriend how much you believe in what he does can make him really shine, and will likely give him a boost from time to time to keep pushing forward with those passions and dreams.

# 2. Be More Specific

Anyone can tell someone they look nice, but when that happens all the time, it can feel a little routine, and lose a little bit of the spark behind it. If you think your boyfriend looks good, tell him – but be specific about it. What about him do you think looks great today? His hair? His eyes? What he’s wearing? Be body-specific when it comes to giving a compliment on appearance. He’ll appreciate that you noticed something small and personal.

# 3. Pay Him Respect

Relationships are all about mutual respect for one another, but don’t be afraid to go the extra mile from time to time and let him know just how much you respect him, and what he does. Whether you want to tell him you’re proud of him, admire him, or simply tell him he’s a good man, that kind of personal respect will make him feel more loved than ever. There have been many studies done that show how much men actually value respect, and even a small token in the form of a compliment can mean a world of difference for your boyfriend.

# 4. Let Him Know You Trust Him

A lot of guys want to be leaders, and more often than not, want to prove that they are good at it. So, don’t be afraid to offer up the compliment to let your guy know that you love and appreciate those leadership skills. Simply saying something like, “I trust you,” can have a huge impact. Alternatively, tell him how much you appreciate his advice, or that you’re always on his side.

# 5. Laugh With Him

Most men absolutely love to make women laugh, and your boyfriend likely wants to share his sense of humor with you more than anyone else. If he can get you to smile and laugh, he’s going to feel good about it. So, why not take it to the next level by telling him how funny he is, telling him how much you love his sense of humor, etc. It’s a bonus for you, actually, since you get to reap the benefits of all of those funny moments between the two of you!