5 Indications You Are Acting Like An Unstable Girlfriend

Unstable Girlfriend

No woman wants to be considered the unstable, or ‘crazy’ girlfriend. Unfortunately, it’s a label that gets thrown around all too often in relationships, and it’s always going to have a negative tone to it.

If you’re a woman, you might not ever think you’re showing signs of being unstable, but there’s a chance you might be doing things without even realizing it. That could be even worse!

Check out these five indications you’re acting like an unstable girlfriend, and don’t be afraid to make some changes if these indications reflect your actions!

# 1. You’re Obsessed With His Past

Thanks to things like social media, it’s so much easier to go digging into past relationships, including your boyfriend’s past relationships. If you find yourself stalking his ex-girlfriend’s, you could definitely be acting unstable. Stalking his ex’s can send you down a black hole of jealousy, mistrust, and anger. If you find yourself steaming mad over the fact that he’s got his arm around a girl you’ve never seen before in a picture that’s five years old, and it ends up causing you to confront him, that could definitely be considered a problem. Let the past be the past – he’s with you now for a reason!

# 2. You Thrive On Drama

Whether it’s out of boredom, or because you thrive on arguing, creating drama on a daily basis can be a huge downfall in your relationship, and actually make you seem really unstable. Instead, don’t make a big deal out of everything, don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t let yourself get dragged into anyone else’s relationship drama. If your boyfriend thinks that drama attaches itself to you wherever you go, he’s going to start to wonder if you’re the problem, not your friends.

# 3. You Need Constant Contact

Texting your boyfriend every five minutes? Freaking out when he doesn’t text back? That can be just the tip of the iceberg if you find yourself constantly craving some sort of contact from him, to the point where it’s gotten a little bit out of control. You both should be able to live your own lives without being attached at the hip. If you feel the need to text him or call him excessively, and he sees a dozen or more missed messages, there’s a good chance he’ll think you’re extremely needy and insecure, and that can be an instant turnoff for a lot of guys.

# 4. You Want To Feel Wanted…By Everyone

While you might freak out if your boyfriend so much as looks twice at another girl, including waitresses, cashiers, etc., you secretly (or not so secretly) love getting attention from other men outside your relationship, especially in front of your boyfriend. If a guy openly flirts with you, or pays you extra attention, and you soak it up and use it against your guy to let him know you could get anyone you wanted? That seems a little unstable, doesn’t it? Instead, show your boyfriend you’re devoted to him, and he’ll do the same for you.

# 5. You Have Extreme Ups and Downs

If when you’re happy, you’re really happy, and when you’re sad, you’re….well, inconsolable, that can be a lot to handle for a boyfriend. You can be known as the ‘fun’ girl as long as you’re enjoying yourself, but if something upsets you and completely changes your mood into the lowest of lows, consider how that might look, or make your boyfriend feel. Even if he tries to console you and make you feel better and nothing works, he’s going to get tired of putting forth so much effort only to get negative results again and again.