4 Unique Phrases To Start A Sexy Conversation

Sexy Conversation

Starting a conversation the right away can seem a little challenging. Whether we’re flirting with someone new, or want to bring the spark back into a relationship with a little sex appeal.

Finding the right words and phrases to start a sexy conversation with isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. After all, you don’t want to come across as creepy, or clingy – and there are a myriad of other characteristics that could attach themselves to you, too! Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Try one of these four unique phrases to start a sexy conversation the next time you find yourself wanting to spice things up a bit.

# 1. “Would You Rather…”

This age-old teenage game can actually be a really fun sexy conversation starter. Just fill in the blanks with anything your imagination can come up with in the moment. Not only will this help you to learn your partner’s interests, and what they like and dislike, but it can quickly escalate into something more ‘hands on’ and physical.

# 2. “Today, I thought of you when…”

Want to really put the imagination to work? Let your partner know that you were thinking of them during a seemingly average moment that could instantly turn into something more sexy. Maybe you were trying on clothes at a store and wondered how their hands would feel, or maybe you were buying a bottle of wine and couldn’t wait to share it tonight in the bathtub, etc. The possibilities are endless, and a simple recognition of your partner can not only make them feel special, but will undoubtedly turn them on.

# 3. “I had a sexy dream last night, and you were in it…”

Well, nothing sounds sexier than that, right? Not only will your partner be intrigued, but even if you didn’t have that dream, you’ll essentially get to continue the conversation by making up an incredible sexual fantasy that could work wonders for both of you. And, once you’re both turned on, it could just so happen that those dreams start to come true!

# 4. “Let’s play a game…”

From Simon Says, to Truth or Dare, or even some of your favorite childhood games turned very ‘adult,’ bringing a bit of sexy fun into your conversation can really make things feel more relaxed, comfortable, and safe. Plus, it will give you a chance to get more physical without having to feel so pressured. Who knew ‘kid games’ could be so fun?

# 5. “I wish you were here right now, so we could…”

This conversation starter is best saved for a text message, which can actually be even more effective. By sending someone a sexy text message, especially if you won’t get to see them face-to-face for awhile, you’re building up a lot of anticipation, and sexual frustration. By the time your partner does get to see you, knowing exactly what’s been on your mind all day, they might not be able to keep their hands off of you!

You might be surprised by the power of words, and how they can really get our imaginations going, in the best way possible! Try one of these unique phrases the next time you want to start a sexy conversation with someone. When you are confident in what you’re saying and doing, it shows, and that’s a great resource to have when you’re trying to use one of these sexy phrases.